the French facility for airborne research

Flying laboratories for scientific research

SAFIRE is the French leading facility for airborne research based in Toulouse, France. The architecture of SAFIRE is based on three aircraft, real flying laboratories. Each one has its specificities to better meet the needs of research. One of these, the twin-jet-engine, is the subject of an ambitious project aiming at significantly increase the capacity of the fleet by 2025. SAFIRE thus combines the technological excellence of on-board resources with the expertise of its personnel in order to carry out specific flights in support of research and industry.

SAFIRE is a unique investigation tool for a better understanding of our environment and climate, satellite validation and aeronautical development. SAFIRE is a public research unit common to CNRS, METEO-FRANCE and CNES, which thus pool their resources around these research aircraft.research.

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From August 4 to 27, 2022, SAFIRE is projected at Longyearbyen airport in Svalbard (Norwegian archi ...
Du 15 juin au 7 juillet 2022, les habitants d'une zone allant jusqu'à 150 km de Paris remarqueront ...
Since April 1, 2022, SAFIRE is providing all the processing and expertise of the core data measured ...
After 20 years of good and loyal service for scientific research, the CNRS Falcon 20 operated by Sa ...



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